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This page provides a list of all projects that the society has worked on. Feel free to help out on current ones by contacting those involved under the specific projects page. To propose a new project please contact the project manager Oskar Weigl.

Please ensure you complete a risk assessment for your project and attach it to the projects specific page. More information of risk assessments can be found here.

Useful Links

Current Projects



  • Build our own brushless ESC's
  • Contribute a model of Imperial College to Google Maps
  • Create a proper Wiki calendar plugin

Past Projects


  • Printed Robotic Hand
  • Eurobot 2013
  • FPGA LED Screen
  • 8x8x8 LED Cube
  • UAV/Glider


  • Robotic Bin
  • Eurobot 2012



  • RepRap printer: Woody
  • Eurobot 2010