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If you want to post something in the newsletter, add it below and ICRS Secretary (Ioannis) will edit it into the next newsletter!
An archive of the actual newsletters sent can be found here

Newsletter for Week 5-11 Nov 2012

Newsletter for Week 23

ICRS Centrefold Photograph

Wednesday 21st March 2012

Do it Tuesday lunch please Aswissrole 20:18, 14 March 2012 (GMT)

ICRS is getting naked! Let's show the rest of Imperial our... *ahem*... Hacker spirit! If you aren't aware, Felix has a photograph of a club/society posing naked in the centre of their newspaper every week. This is an awesome way of promoting ICRS, and should be good fun.

If you want to get involved, we'll be taking the photograph at 2pm in the level 5 labs on Wednesday 21st March. The more the merrier!

For inspiration, see this video -

Nuit Du Hack - Hacking competition

Weekend: March 24-25

Interested in computer security, forensics and binary reversing? ICRS is putting together a team for the "Nuit Du Hack" qualification this weekend and is looking for more participants. More information about the challenge available here:

A recent competition of this type, CODEGATE, was a 'barrel full of monkeys' load of fun and we are sure that this time around we can make it even more interesting and enjoyable! Knowledge in the field is not required but always welcomed.

Specific time the competition starts and finishes will be emailed to us soon. If you wish to participate, come join us at EEE level 5 labs on March 24-25. If you wish to be updated or have any questions, send an email to

Regards, Ryan

_Software Soc - Lundun Dare

The Software Soc. Lundun Dare will held on 23rd March, starting at 5pm in the 5th floor of labs of EEE. It will be based on ludum Dare, where will be making a game during the weekend. The possible themes for it could be:

   1. Randomly Generated
   2. Evolution
   3. Self-Replication
   4. Adaptation
   5. Oh god ... What Have I Done!?!
   6. Traps
   7. Containment
   8. Being Lost
   9. Isolation
 10. Technology in the wrong period of time

The theme will be randomly chosen, but you can adjust the probabilities in favor of the themes you want by up or down voting them here The theme will be relased at 5pm when the competition starts.

The competition will end on 6pm on 25th march giving you the full 48h to create. Although you can participate anywhere, it would be great to meet up at 6pm to see what everyone else made.

If you're a game making expert, come show us your skills, or if you've never made a game before come find someone to team up with and learn together.

Best Regards, Thomas

If you have any questions or suggestions, e-mail me at

Newsletter for Week 20

External: Alan Turing Lecture 2012

Tuesday 21 February 2012

More info:

External: The science and engineering of intelligent systems

21 Feb 2012, 16:30 - 17:30, LT 408, EEE Building

This talk will focus on the inter-play between the theory and the practice of research in the development of intelligent systems (and in complex computer systems more generally).
Speaker: Professor Nick Jennings, University of Southampton

More info:

External: 3D printers

Next week Joelle Bitton from SiDE at Newcastle University will be giving a talk to our group on 3-D printers, entitled "Contextualisation and implications of the democratisation of digital fabrication". Joelle is, among other things, a co-founder of Dorkbot Paris.

The talk will take place in 301 William Penney Lab at 4pm on Wednesday 15 February.

All are welcome to come.

You can find out more about the talk at

Newsletter for Week 19

Future Megabyte Talks: A Review of Robotic Assisted Surgery

Date To Be Confirmed

We are excited to announce that the first ICRS Megabyte talk of 2012 will be on the topic of Robot Assisted Surgery! Our guest lecturer will be Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez who is the Chairman of the IET Robotics and Mechatronics group and a Senior Lecturer at our very own Imperial College. More details to come closer to the event!

External: Talk - Future Skies

7th February, 7pm-9pm | Dana Centre, Science Museum

With our growing love of flying, are there radical changes in store for air travel? Could electric planes be the answer to clean up emissions? Fancy a trip to Tokyo? Join us to explore the technology that could get you there in two and a half hours...

More info:

Kinetica Artfair

9-12th February | Ambika P3, Marylebone Kinetica Art Fair brings together galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups from around the world who focus on kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology. We've had members every year so far go to this fair, and it's normally extremely good fun! Lots of cool robots and technological art to keep you busy for a few hours. There's also a lot of great talks by pretty interesting people. More info here - . Tickets cost £8-£15

Newsletter for Week 17-18

Wednesday Hack Afternoon

Wednesday from 1pm onwards, EEE building 506 labs

This is the time when ICRS do some real work! Basically we go to the labs, build robots, print 3D stuff, play a bit of music, order pizza... There's going to be plenty of people available to help you with your robot-related problems, just turn up :)

Pizza and Cinema night

Wednesday 25th January, 6pm | Westfield, Shepherds Bush

We're having a social on Wednesday - half-price pizza and cinema for everyone! (We have enough Orange Wednesdays 2 for 1 vouchers). Here's the plan: at 5:15pm we will set off from Imperial towards Shepherds Bush (taking the 49 bus). At 6pm everyone will meet at the Pizza Express in Westfield, then after eating we'll go and watch Underworld: Awakening 3D at the Vue Cinema in Westfield (7:10pm showing). Hope to see you all there!

Newsletter for Week 16

Nothing to send.

Newsletter for Week 15 (starting on 9th Jan)

If nothing goes below, then the next newsletter to be sent will be that of next week (week 16).

Newsletter for Week 11

Design & Build a UAV at the click of a button

Printed UAV Southampton.jpg

13th Dec 2011 (Tue) 6:10pm Electrical Engineering Department LT 408

by Dr. Dirk Gorissen, Systems Architect and Research Fellow at Computational Engineering and Design Research Group, University of Southampton

Designing an efficient and performant UAV is a multidisciplinary undertaking, requiring codes, solvers, & expertise from a wide range of domains. Unfortunately it is quite rare to find tightly integrated tool chains and current trade-off decisions are strongly biased towards short-term performance criteria as opposed to long term cost and environmental impact. The DECODE project at the University of Southampton aims to change this by integrating early concept design exploration with full resolution, geometry backed, design analysis, detailed manufacturing and operations models. The goal is to have a fully automated end-2-end UAV design system that can be used to rapidly design custom built UAVs that can be quickly and cheaply manufactured using techniques like 3D printing. Our main case study is the use of UAVs for search and rescue but we are also working on other use cases with the BBC and Met Office. Our work has recently been covered by the New Scientist when we flew the worlds first printed aircraft.

Please note registration is only for non-Imperial members, and can be done here.

Newsletter for Week 10 (starting on 5th Dec)

Real Steel Movie

Real Steel on at 10:30pm on Tuesday 13th December (as part of the ICU Cinema All-Nighter)

An offer from Cinema Society: £2 per person instead of £3 normally

Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.


Talk on Visual Tracking

Title: Visual Tracking

Speaker: Dr Bjorn Stenger, Toshiba Research, Cambridge, UK

Venue: EEE Room 611 (Gabor Seminar Room) Date and Time: 13 Dec 2011 (Tuesday), 16:00:00-17:00:00

Abstract: This talk will give an overview of methods for tracking objects in videos. Tracking objects in videos has a number of applications, such as video processing, robotics, surveillance or human computer interaction. We will study the concept of visual tracking as probabilistic inference and will learn about the ingredients required to build a tracking algorithm. A number of examples from the literature will be used to illustrate the ideas, including tracking with mean shift, tracking by regression, and tracking using online learning.

Christmas Dinner?

That needs going in too

Week 8

TODO: Add some stuff here about what is going on in the project, and what people can help out with! ( Shuto, Max Hunter )

Eurobot: This week the team is prototyping the robots, and the localization system. We are looking for experienced people with; programming (in C++), CAD design, machining. If you would like to join, email Shuto Naruse with details of what kind of experience you have.

RepRap: This week we are going to try and get the y axis to be stable, and to then assemble the z axis. Also the electronics can be worked on in parallel. All welcome, any skill level. Most tasks are mechanical/assembly in nature.