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Imperial College Robotics Society (ICRS) is a student-led university club aiming to increase robotics interest at Imperial College London and across the UK. We run workshops, competitions and lectures to teach about robotics, electronics and software as well as providing help (financial and technical) to students looking to start a robotics project. We also run several robotics beginners courses and have also recently won the highly prestigious John Lever Memorial Award for our outstanding courses and robotics talks.

Our club was founded in November 2009, and since then we have entered a few student teams into the Eurobot competition, built 2 RepRap 3D printers and created a quadracopter with a fully 3D-printed chassis. We hope that as the society and our facilities at university grow, our club's robotics projects, courses and talks will become bigger and better!

ICRS is always looking for new members that want to learn about robotics or create cool projects. If you are new and would like to find out more then please visit the Getting Started page. Please feel free to contact the committee if you have any questions and they'll try get back to you as quick as possible. If you would like to investigate Imperial's Robotics research, we invite you to visit the Imperial Robotics page.


For a full list of ICRS's projects, or to propose your own, please visit our projects page.

ICRS-ARM Robotics Workshop 2012

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ARM ran a fantastic Robotics Workshop at Imperial on the 7th of March! More information on the workshop and how it went, can be found here-

ARM Robotics Workshop

ICRS Megabyte Talks

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ICRS hosts several high quality talks and discussion panels on the topics of robotics and technology every year. We hope to bring prominent experts to Imperial College from across the UK and even worldwide in order to share ideas and foster new relationships.

Keep a lookout for posters placed around the campus, and announcements on the mailing list! More info here - Robotics Talks

Robotics Courses

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ICRS hosts many courses covering various aspects of robotics. The aim of these courses is to give beginner members of the society the knowledge and skills so that they can take part in our projects more easily. We also think that teaching is a great way for our members to improve their communication skills, as well as reinforce the society's community feel. For the year 2014 we will be hosting several courses:

For more information, see the courses page or contact our Vice President of Education. A full list of tutorials can be found on the tutorials page.


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