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(Event Calendar)
(Event Calendar)
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== Event Calendar ==
== Event Calendar ==
{{ICRS Calendar agenda}}
{{ICRS Calendar agenda}}
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== 2014/2015 ==
== 2014/2015 ==

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An index of the various events that are/will be taking place in the society. Don't be afraid to start something of your own! Have a look at Organising An Event

Event Calendar


Xmas dinner

The Christmas break is fast approaching, that can only mean one thing. It is time to unleash the ICRS Christmas dinner! We have booked a large table at THE OYSTER ROOMS, FULHAM on TUESDAY DECEMBER 16th, 19h30. There is likely to be a party of people leaving from labs at around 18h45. The event will be partially subsidised by ICRS, so long as you are a member, there is no reason not to come! Please let me know by Monday 15th if you are coming and what food you would like. Spaces may be limited.

Food will be: salmon, meat or veggie (all roast dinner like). Please fill in the form for reserving a seat!!

Mathworks Talk

Mathworks PosterBloodhound-page-001.jpg
  • Guest speaker: Tanya Morton
  • Venue: Blackett LT3
  • Time:5 PM, 10th December
  • Abstract:

Design Optimisation of the BLOODHOUND SuperSonic Car

Dr Tanya Morton will give an overview of the computational design optimisation strategy employed to achieve an engineering solution to the problem of excessive supersonic lift at the rear of the BLOODHOUND SuperSonic Car. She will describe the design challenge and then detail the mathematical modelling and optimisation strategy employed. The optimal design resulting from this study will be presented and contrasted with the un-optimised baseline geometry. The final vehicle is currently being built and tested in an attempt to increase the World Land Speed Record from 763mph to 1,000mph and to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Along the way she will digress to introduce her favourite mathematical objects: radial basis functions and talk about the application of mathematical modelling and MATLAB in a variety of industries.

Tanya Morton is an application engineering manager at MathWorks. She helps customers apply MATLAB and Simulink to their technical and business challenges across a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, education, finance, energy production, industrial automation, biotech, and pharmaceutical. She has an M.A. in mathematics from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science from Vanderbilt University.

Shadow Robotics Talk

Shadow Hand Bulb large.jpg
  • Guest speaker: Richard Greenhill
  • Venue: EEE room 508
  • Time:26th November at 4:30 pm.

Hello all Robots and Humans alike!

I hope you are having the best of times completing that lab report 20min before the deadline!

To help you out with this - ICRS presents The first talk of the term!!! The founder of Shadow Robot (http://www.shadowrobot.com/ ) Richard Greenhill will be talking about Artificial muscles and topics of equal exquisiteness. I hear that there will even be a demonstration!!

So come along on Wednesday the 26th November at 4:30 pm. EEE room 508 (just down the corridor from the labs) . We'll check out some cool tech and dig into some hot pizza!!





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