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Every year, in the first couple of weeks of term, the society, hosts a beginner robotics event for all members and people interested in joining the society. This event is known as Tweenbot.

Teams are tasked with building a simple robot which can navigate its way to the royal Albert memorial. However, with only motors, batteries and no micro-controllers this would be near impossible. Instead the robots rely on help by the public. The teams therefore have to design their robot to appeal to the public so that they will lend a helping hand.

In past years this event has proved both very popular and successful.


1:30 pm 15th Oct, let the hacking begin



1pm October 10th level 5 labs EEE

Stuff has been ordered and collected and we are ready to host what could well be our biggest and best Tweenbot yet. So far weather seems to be cloudy with some showers so hopefully the weather won't let us down.


A very successful event where pretty much every robot made it back. Even the Hyde Park police force got involved in the event and delivered a couple of robots by car.


All, bar one which was stolen, made it to the royal Albert memorial. A video of some of the robots can be seen bellow.

Parts List



EE stores Imperial

Union Stores

  • Felt tip pens