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Ensure you complete a risk assessment for your project or event. In almost every case there will be very little or no risk. However, you must still ensure that a risk assessment is filled out.

Most of the Risk assessment is quite self explanatory and takes less time to fill out than reading this page. Keep your answers brief but be thorough and anally retentive. Make sure everyone who is working with you is stated at the bottom of the risk assessment.

The standard risk assessment template can be found here: File:RiskAssessmentTemplate.doc

  • 1. Fill out your name, position (can be ICRS member) and date.
  • 2. Give a brief description of the activity or project. For example state that you are constructing ___.
  • 4. Give a summary of hazards with a couple of words next to relevant categories. e.g. if using electicity state "minor shock risk" next to electrical.
  • 5. Very briefly check the box next to who would could be harmed and state why. This should pretty much always be just students.
  • 6. Check how often you expect to work on the project or how frequently you will do it.
  • 7. This is probably the major section and try to be very comprehensive. For each procedure give a brief description and state a precaution. The risk will almost always be low (you shouldn't be doing anything dangerous to begin with). Example:
Brief Description Precautions Low
Construction of circuit Limited to 5V logic low
  • 8. If necessary add any extra precautions that need to be done in the future. e.g. PAT testing
  • 9. What will you do in an emergency. Usually seek medical attention. If there is a risk of fire involved then raise the alarm and follow fire evacuation procedure.
  • 10. How often will you check that nothing has gone wrong and when will you update the Risk Assessment if applicable. (If your project is a long one make sure you do actually update your risk assessment)
  • 11. Make sure you add the names of anyone who will work with you and simply send the Risk Assessment via email to them.

The idea of a risk assessment is that you are responsible for everyone who you write a the bottom providing they are not disobeying your risk assessment. Now in reality nothing will go wrong because we are building robots, not fusion reactors. However, you still need to have the risk assessment just so you can say that you've done it.