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  • to enable the student to design a PCB using Eagle CAD software
  • to give an understanding about electronic components packaging
  • to give advice about component selection and PCB manufacturing

Expected Outcome

By the end of the course, the student should be able to

  • design a relatively complex 2 layer PCB
  • select the components (using both THT and SMD) necessary to build it
  • know how to read a data sheet (!)

Course Structure

8 lectures (4 weeks) 2 tutorials (1 week)


Coursework: will involve the design of a PCB (given topic and budget), creation of the bill of materials and Gerber files as well as the placement files. Boards will be built and the best 3 projects will be awarded a prize and the opportunity to explain their work.

Course Organisation

Lectures 1 & 2 (week 1) - Introduction to PCB design

Eagle CAD software

  • Introduction to schematics
  • Introduction to boards
  • Data-sheets analysis
  • Short talk about Gerber and placement files
  • Introduction to course project ( PCB design and manufacture )

Lectures 3 & 4 (week 2) - Schematics

  • Use of libraries and component creation
  • Use of wires/nets
  • Schematics organisation and design
  • Part 1 of the design project -> schematic file creation

Lectures 5 & 6 (week 3) - Board

  • Footprints and how to create them
  • Optimum board organisation
  • Gerber and other files required for board printing
  • Part 2 of the design project -> board file creation

Lectures 7 & 8 (week 4) - PCB manufacturing

  • “Study groups” to help finish the PCB design project
  • Exporting and checking a PCB project
  • Component selection & creation of a bill of materials
  • Gerber file analysis and error checking
  • Submitting the board to be manufactured

Week 5

  • Project testing, grading and prize awards
  • Presentation given by the winning teams
  • Free cookies

Project specifications

  • You can find everything you need to know about the course project in the document:[TVBgone spec file]
  • My tvBgone board and schematic[TVBgone file]
  • CAM jobs Files [here ] do not forget to change the file names in all the tabs.
  • Feel free to come up with ideas but read up the spec file first.
  • We will start working on the project from 23.11.2011