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Placeholder for image of nyancat on LED screen

We have kindly been given one 3-panel segment of the now replaced picadilly circus Coca-Cola advertisement sign from the London Hackspace. They are also hacking away at it, and their efforts can be found here.

Multiple panels, one image space

Platform for development. Now one raster image buffer can be output to three panels. Bit flickery because OP_TIME code needs rewriting due to longer output durations.


Awesome tetris game played across all three sections (each section shows the same thing) with our own custom made controller.

Latest version publish (for London Hackspace)

Added features:

  • Gamma correction.
  • Variable width pulses turning the LEDs on/off, used in delta-sigma modulation.
  • Delta-sigma modulation that takes pulse width into account.
  • snapshot error delta-sigma
  • assembly boosted output
  • class to abstract fuctionality

A Nyancat of Color

The first thing we did with the display was to put Nyancat on it. This section is for people who want to try getting some simple code working.

Our setup clocks the data straight into the shift registers that make up the 16x16 panels pixel buffers. Color mixing is done in a similar way to the method done by the original control circuitry. More information is available in Hackspace's page.


Animated Awesome

This code draws animated gifs. It still needs to be merged to the latest version which does much better color mixing.


Multiple Patterns

Time Travel Tetris

Based off Tetris code