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Microcontrollers are everywhere. You're probably carrying more than one microcontroller on you right now. This workshop aims to get people familiar and confident with using these handy little devices. Centered around the infamous Arduino development boards, each workshop session hopes to explore different aspects of how to use microcontrollers and design with them. Each student will have their own development board to work with which they will be able to keep.

The workshop will consist of two halves, the first half is spent explaining and discussing ideas about microcontrollers and teaching the programming required to start designing, the second half is spent trying out aspects of the first half and experimenting with new concepts. The aim of the course is to be as open as possible allowing students to use microcontrollers in a creative fashion. By the end students should hopefully be able to feel that they can quickly prototype any idea they may have involving microcontrollers.


By the end of the course each student will have,

  • knowledge of basic programming.
  • knowledge of the arduino IDE.
  • knowledge on how to use a microcontroller to collect data from sensors.
  • knowledge on how to get the microcontroller to control other devices.
  • knowledge on how to get a microcontroller to communicate with other microcontrollers and computers across a serial connection.
  • confidence to quickly prototype design ideas using microcontrollers.


Each workshop will be held every Thursday at 6pm. Each session is 2 hours long, however I will stay for an extra hour to help with practical aspects. The first session is on the 3rd of November and the last session is on 1st of December. There is no assessment for this course.

Lesson Plans