Increasing UK Eurobot Participation

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A page for anything which might encourage and help more teams from the UK enter Eurobot.

Ideas to help get students started

  • Encourage industry to sponsor UK teams to make a robot
  • Get senior staff at Imperial to encourage their counterparts at other universities - should help with getting departments on board.
  • Invite teams to Imperial before the competition to do testing on the arena (encourage the same openness in other universities that manage to build an arena)
  • Provide technical help if at all needed

Possible Participants

  • Middlesex University - On past form, they can be relied upon to field up to 10 teams!
  • Queen Mary's University - I have been told there are people there interested in starting a team --Harry-admin 15:54, 15 April 2011 (UTC)
  • Reading University - They have a Robotics course and an Artificial Intelligence/Cybernetics course with enthusiastic students whom we've met on a couple of occasions before
  • King's College University - Tried setting up a robotics society a couple of years ago but it seems like they failed. The president is now apparently doing an MSc in Imperial - His name is Max Allan