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ICRS / Shadow Robotics

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Shadow Hand

Status Beginning
Collaboration effort between ICRS and Shadow Robotics
Manager Thomas Clayson

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The end goal is to create a system of multiple, simple arms working together to complete more complex tasks.

To start with, the group will attempt to make an arm capable of identifying objects and picking them up.

Current Status

We will attempt to link several structs together with a universal joint between them. 4 air mussels attached to each arm can then work antagonistically to control the joint.

The inverse kinematics is a bit of a bitch. Below is a demo that uses a simple approximation method, obviously it is somewhat computationally intensive. However, it does not have to be calculated in real time. Using this as a starting point an optimization code could be written to allow for finer and more accurate movements.

Inverse Kinematic Demo

Old attempt

Attempting to build modular forearm system mimicking the human forearm. Initial approach to this involved 2 parallel long struts held a fixed distance apart by connection to shorter crossbars. In order to allow axial rotation of the entire arm on an axis parallel to the long struts, each must be connected to the crossbars by a 3 degree of freedom joint (pan, tilt, rotate). A universal joint has been designed and printed, and a component which will allow axial rotation of the long struts must now be constructed.

Project Groups


Concerned with interfacing the kinect (or other sensors) and identifying objects and the arm itself.



Concerned with the inverse kinematics and control of the movement.



Concerned with the mechanical design and assembly.

  • Sam (please add email contact)


We have agreed to meet up to work on the project on the following times every week. Nick Singer will try to appear for some sessions to offer technical expertise. Please try to come to at least one session a week. We will meet in the Robotics Lab (room 506 of EEE). Please submit this form so that we can try to get you EEE swipe card access as soon as possible.

  • Saturday 1pm
  • Tuesday 6pm


Google Group

Please join the Google Group ICRS Shadow Robotics.

Any messages you wish to send to the entire group can be sent via that form.

Facebook Group

We also have a facebook group for the project. Search for "ICRS / Shadow Robotics Collaboration".

Shadow Robotics Visit

Shadow Robotics have agreed to give us a quick tour of their labs on either:

  • Monday 19th November 7pm
  • Friday 23th November 7pm

Nick Singer will meet those interested outside of Angel Tube station (Northern Line zone 1 - next to Kings Cross St. Pancras) at 7pm.

Please email thomasalbertclayson@gmail.com with the time you wish to visit Shadow Robotics so that I might alert Nick Singer to numbers to expect.

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