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We think it might be a good idea for ICRS to host a future Eurobot competition. This page documents its organisation and plan!

ICRS's Goals in Hosting Eurobot

  • Raise the profile of the Eurobot competition within the UK, and encourage a wider field of participation - Increasing UK Eurobot Participation
  • Continue steady ICRS growth by taking on another responsibility.
  • Increase the profile of Robotics within Imperial: get people talking to each other about the subject.
  • Use the competition as a focus for students' energies, and harness their competitive instincts.



We have been given provisional use of the 5th floor labs to hold a semi-permanent 2mx3m arena next year. Next we need someone to build it to spec... Also need to budget how much it will cost!

We will have a Google App Engine scoreboard projected onto the wall - Eurobot Scoreboard


Gotta find someone external and unbiased? Any ideas?

Industry Guests

Eurobot could be a great way of creating links between students and industry. If we invite a few relevant companies to the event and allow them to have a banner and a table, relationships between UK robotics clubs and industry should benefit.

Sponsorship Opportunity

The event isn't very expensive but there are opportunities for sponsorship of food and prizes. Sponsorship of robot teams (from any university) should also be encouraged.

List of Possible Guests

See our lists of Interesting Companies and Interesting People.