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Queen Aksat

Status Concept stage
ICRS personalised chess board
Manager Christian Cheung

Why fiddle around with virtual chess or cheap mass produced pieces?

Let's do a remake of the popular board game, with a personal touch from ICRS!


The faces of this year's committee members are scanned, using a Microsoft Kinect, to create 3D models which are then printed, using the RepRaps.

Possible variations:

  • This year's committee members vs. last year's committee members.
    • Every year the oldest side's colour gets reprinted.
  • ICRS committee vs. EEE staff members
    • (Who gets to be the queen?)
  • ICRS committee vs. misc. celebrities
    • (The Queen as the Queen?)


Suggestion 1:

  • King - Thomas Clayson
  • Queen - Aksat Shah
  • L. Bishop - Oskar Weigl
  • R. Bishop - Heng Yu Lee
  • L. Knight - Joshua Elsdon
  • R. Knight - Christian Cheung
  • L. Rook - George Walton
  • R. Rook - Ioannis Kourourklides
  • Pawns - Tim Wang (He's the most expendable ;) )
  • Absent - Max Hunter

Other suggestions are welcome!

Concept art

Knight Josh
Rook George
Pawn Tim