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Most things in the society are bought by the members, using their own money, and then they are reimbursed by our treasurer. If you have an approved project budget, and can afford to pay for the components yourself, then this is the recommended way to order things.

If you aren't able to pay with your own card, then you need to contact a member of the committee. This will be slower than ordering yourself (you could be waiting up to a week plus delivery).

If you want something bought for the society in general - contact the current Lab manager.

Budget Approval

If you want the society to fund your project, then the you must get your project and budget approved. Here is the process:

  1. Make a project wiki page with some description of your idea
  2. Create a budget (on the wiki page)
  3. Talk to Oskar who can give advice and project budget approval

Before Purchasing

It is important that you register your purchase here - Reimbursement form

Where to Buy

There are a number of websites and shops you can buy electronic products from but we have a select few which we usually use. Heres a list of the websites which may be good to use and could be cheaper than usual!

Reimbursing Expenses

Items under £5 cannot be reimbursed directly, group them together to form larger expenses.

To reimburse yourself please follow the following steps:

  1. It's advised to use Firefox/IE for this website
  2. Go to and log in
  3. Ensure you have entered your bank details (click "My Details")
  4. Click "Club & Society admin" -> "Claims" -> "New Claims Submission"
  5. For committee select "CGCU Robotics (625)"
  6. Choose the bank account you wish to be reimbursed into
  7. In the notes box, type a brief summary of what you are claiming for. E.g. "<<Project Name>> <<Small amount of info>> - £<<Total Price>>"
  8. Write the claim number in pen on the receipts.
  9. Scan your receipts (use JPEG) and upload them as files to the claims submission. You can upload multiple receipt scans per claim.
  10. Try to group your receipts into large sums under £200. We cannot process claims under £5 unfortunately, and anything over £200 requires more bureaucracy.
  11. Click "Commit" to send the claim through

Tips for Purchasing from Abroad

  1. China