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 RF chip scanner 'integrated' onto a m3pi robot

On the 7th of March, ARM mbed ran a workshop at Imperial! This was a great event which gave attendees the chance to learn how to program smart robots to complete a line following & racing challenge. Additionally, there was plenty of cool kit to play around with, which could be interfaced with the mbed micro-controller to make even more powerful robots and devices!

The event was absolutely free for ICRS members, and was fully catered. Furthermore, ARM handed out some cool prizes to the best and most creative individuals and groups. We look forward to working with mbed team again in hosting a similar workshop in future!

Workshop Prize-Giving

Some pictures from the prize-giving ceremony, and one of the ICRS committee with the ARM mbed team (Crispin and Hugo)!

Mbed prize giving 1.jpg

Prize for Best Time: Most teams employed a PID algorithm to follow the outer part of the race track, by effectively taking a short-cut round one of the bends, Ryan Savitski's team was able to complete the race track in significantly quicker time!

Prizes for Creativity: This was awarded to two teams, one which integrated an RF ID scanner chip onto an m3pi robot, whilst the other created a blue-tooth controlled robot!

Notable Project: Another notable project that narrowly missed out on a prize was a device that utilised a temperature sensor to output temperature readings onto an LCD screen.

Mbed group photo.jpg

Congratulations to these teams, and well done to everyone who took part! Also, a big thank you to Crispin and Hugo for taking time out of their schedules to organise such a fantastic workshop, we look forward to working with them again in the future!

NB- More pictures from the workshop can be found on our Facebook page.


The official ICRS-ARM Robotics Workshop 2012 Poster!

Robot Racing Flyer.png