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Since ICRS has a substantial >150 members - this year our elections will be taking place over the online unions system THERE IS A BIG STAND BUTTON THERE here. Please find all the information below and keep in mind that

  • Nominations open, 00:00, Monday 2 February
  • Nominations close, 23:59, Sunday 1 March

You will need to be seconded by someone! anyone in Imperial College can stand for election or second someone.




  • Oversees the whole society, ensuring that things are always progressing positively
  • Creates a plan for the year, covering activities and their expenditure
  • Prepares agendas and chairs weekly committee meetings
  • Represents the society at Union meetings and with many departments
  • Responsible for the well being of the society



  • Responsible for handling the annual budget of the robotics society
  • Updates and maintains the financial overview wiki page weekly, ensuring members know the current financial situation
  • Works closely with the rest of the team, advising on all issues regarding expenditure
  • Works with Sponsorship to craft great sponsorship/grant applications

Vice President/Secretary


  • Assists president in running of the society
  • Ensures that other roles are fulfilled
  • Fills in for other members when necessary
  • Responsible for the society's weekly newsletter
  • Sends out information to the committee about meetings (agenda, minutes)
  • Ensures the society is up-to-date with Union paperwork
  • First point of contact for members' questions.

Projects Manager


  • Ensures that the society's various projects are progressing well
  • Focusses the society in a way that concentrates our efforts onto a few high-quality projects
  • Works with the treasurer to assign budgets to the various projects

Lab Manager


  • Ensures that the labs is in good working order, ordering new tools and equipment as required
  • Keeps friendly with the Lab Supervisor and communicates to him our needs for space/facilities
  • Has a keen eye for solutions which improve our tidiness; makes the lab area as subconsciously tidy-able as possible!
  • Generally makes sure our members enjoy the lab and that it's a cool place to hang out

Events Co-ordinator


  • Leads the events team
  • Ensures we have a nice stream of great lecturers coming to talk about awesome robotics topics with us
  • Responsible for the room bookings, catering and guest hospitality, amongst other things.
  • Organises at social events throughout the year - cinema trips, Maker faire trips etc



  • Helps and encourages our members to share knowledge and teach eachother
  • Advises students on how to make effective courses for the society
  • Ensures that new members are able to learn what's necessary to become a roboticist



  • In charge of getting ICRS noticed both inside and outside of university
  • Takes photos at our events (every ednesday especially)and places them online for everyone to see
  • Tweets and facebooks and hopefully gets some of our stuff on sites like Hackaday and Hacker News.



  • Creates and maintains our links with industry and college
  • Ensures that the society fulfills its duties to our sponsors, encouraging long-term relationships
  • Works with the Events team to hold events for the sponsors



  • Maintain the all-important society wiki, including ensuring the site is well backed-up
  • Constantly improving and adding to the site to help our members share knowledge and communicate efficiently.
  • Developing other online facilities such as source code repositories facebook groups etc.

Stand for Election

Every year ICRS has an election to choose the committee for the year ahead. Please use the links below to nominate yourself. If you have any questions, then first look in the FAQ section below, and if you can't find your solution there, then email the secretary here

To stand for a position simply click the link below to fill out the form and select positions you wish to stand for. Nominations are now OPEN! Stand for Election You will need to be seconded by someone! anyone in Imperial College can stand for election or second someone. THERE IS A BIG STAND BUTTON THERE

Current nominations are:

All manifestos can be found here

Calendar of Events

  • Nominations open, 00:00, Monday 2 February
  • Nominations close, 23:59, Sunday 1 March
  • Your Candidates Revealed, 12:00 - 14:00, Monday 2 March
  • Manifestos due Monday 2 March, 17:00
  • Meet the Candidates Wednesday 4 March
  • Voting opens, 12:00, Friday 6 March
  • Voting closes, 12:00, Friday 13 March
  • Results announce from 19:00, Friday 13 March at The Big Elections Results Party


  • Can I still put my name forward?
Yes. The nomination form can be found here THERE IS A BIG STAND BUTTON THERE
  • Who can stand for election?
Any members of Imperial College union (all students are automatically members).
  • I haven't been with the society for very long. Can I still stand?
Of course, please do. We have a long hand over period to give you ample time to learn from the current manager of that role.
  • How much work is involved?
Not too much. Being an active member is the main part. You will easily be able to fit it around your university studies.
  • How many positions can I stand for?
As many as you like. However, you may only assume one role, see below.
  • Can I be appointed to more than one position in the committee?
No. If you win the election for more than one position, then you must choose which one you want to take. The position you do not take will be given to the second most popular person standing for it.